Yearly Pet License/Tag Renewals/Pets at Large

Post date: Mar 9, 2018 3:59:19 PM

Happy Friday everyone!! We hope you have survived our early spring blizzard! We would like to remind all pet owners that there is a yearly fee for any animals in the Village of Lebret. When you pay the $10 fee you receive a tag that your pet will wear on their collar. This allows the office to identify the pet and contact the owner to ensure the pet and public's safety.

Also we would like to remind pet owners to ensure their pet is kept at home in your yard and on a leash when you are taking them for walks. We have had many dogs and kittens running around this winter. We were able to re-home a couple kittens and shelter 2 more in the shop. The kittens that are in the shop are needing homes.

Council is working on a kennel project that we hope to approve and complete this year, that will allow us to pick up the dogs at large and properly house them while we try to find the owners. The main purpose of this kennel project is to keep our streets safe for the general public.

Update on our 2 kittens that are in the shop - the light grey/white striped cat is a male (noticed by the maintenance men for obvious reasons)!! We need to find a home for one of the kittens quickly, as we don't need more kittens