Overland Flooding on Rue Tache

Post date: Mar 20, 2017 7:55:14 PM

Overland Flooding occurred this morning for the residents of Rue Tache. Councillors, mayor, town men and front office staff have been working all morning/afternoon getting hold of emergency equipment, and the authorities needed to help the situation. Highways have also been notified and are working with the town and jet trucks to free up the culverts that were partially blocked by hwy #10 and #56. This should divert the water to the creek instead of through the ditches and into our subdivision. The Village will also be jetting open other culverts in town to help runoff of the water that has entered town. Please refrain from driving down Rue Tache for your own safety, as water has gone over the road. Our hearts go out to those that were affected by the flood!

Please call the Village office if you have any concerns - 306-332-6545.