Lebret Boat Launch

Post date: May 19, 2017 8:03:36 PM

Greetings from the Village of Lebret.

Welcome back to our seasonal residents, and best wishes to all

as we kick off the summer with a warm Victoria Day weekend.

Re: Important information regarding the Lebret boat launch

After the ice receded from the lake, it became apparent that the winter ice caused significant damage to our boat launch, whose condition was already in decline. The cement slabs have separated in the water and on shore, some portions have crumbled, some slabs have been pushed on top of others, damaging the edges of the slabs. The boat launch itself is over 40 years old and has served the Village and boating enthusiasts well, but is beyond its serviceable life.

As you know, the proposed development in the Village will include a new modern boat launch further to the north west along the shore. Presently, the Village is concerned about safety for those wanting to launch their watercraft from Lebret with the launch in its current state. For that reason, the dock has not been placed into the lake to deter boaters from using the launch.

The Village invited contractors to examine the boat launch and provide recommendations to bring the launch into working condition. We were fortunate to engage a contractor who is confident he can realign the slabs and using some materials, create a launch that is functional and safe and will meet our needs until the new launch is brought into service.

The Environmental Management and Protection (General) Regulations, 2010, requires the Village to obtain a permit before the contractor can begin the launch repairs, ensuring the work is undertaken in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Currently, the Village is waiting for the permit to be reviewed and approved. Once we have obtained the permit, the repairs to the launch will begin as soon as possible.

The Village recognizes the integral role Mission Lake plays in the beauty and recreation of the community. We request your patience as we work through the required permitting processes and look forward to enjoying the summer with a serviceable, functional, and safe boat launch.

Please accept our best wishes for the commencement of summer.

May 19, 2017 Caroline MacMurchy