Boil Water Advisory Still in Effect

Post date: Jul 27, 2017 2:41:33 PM

Due to the 2 Water Main Breaks on Ellisborro on July 25 and 26, we were forced to shut the water off to the town. By doing so, and as per regulations, we have to post a Boil Water Advisory. This is to ensure that while there was no pressure on the water line and also opening of the water line to repair, that there was no contamination introduced. We then have to submit samples to the lab for every day that was affected and also 24 hours after the water was turned on. This means that we will be running samples to Sask Health for testing first thing Friday morning. We hope that we hear back from Sask Health by the end of day Friday, but there is no guarantee. So we may have to leave the advisory on for the weekend.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during this time. Kudos to everyone who has passed on information to other residents in town to ensure that everyone knows about the boil water advisory.